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Chris Viner - When Particles Collide

Chris started playing drums at the very image early age of two years. He was given his first drumset by his parents for Christmas so that he would stop banging on the woodwork with drumsticks. Chris started taking drum lessons when he was in 3rd grade and began studying jazz by the time he was in 5th grade. Through his high school years he played in a professional Jazz quartet with his brother Jeremy. From high school, college, and early adult years Chris also did a lot of work for local and regional theatre pit bands. In 2010 Chris met Sasha (the other half of When Particles Collide, and his wife) playing drums for a production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Chris played drums, Sasha played guitar. Shortly after the production was over the two became a couple, and then they became When Particles Collide. Since 2010 they have recorded 5 albums (with a 6th due out in May of 2015) and toured the country from Maine to California. When Particles Collide was named 2014 New Artist of The Year by the Boston Music Awards in December.

Ryche Green - Outlaws and Moonshine


Modern SuperStar founder and drummer Ryche Green hails from Cape Coral, FL. He has a long history in the rock scene and is no stranger to studio or stage.

Has played in bands such as BulletBoys, Keel, Bang Tango, Pink Velvet Krush and Saints of Rebellion.

He has toured nationally and internationally and shared the stage with Queensryche, Poison, Cinderella, LA Guns, Killer Dwarfs and Faster Pussycat.

Ryche's high energy drumming style and stage presence brings element of electricity and excitement to every performance.

Ryche Green gives new meaning to A Modern Drummer.

Outlaws and Moonshine - http://www.outlawsandmoonshine.com

Dan Durrant - Blue Mesa

Ever since he could remember, Dan’s life has consistently revolved around music. It’s been his passion, his dream, and his life. Music is really everything that keeps him who he is. From early on, Dan knew he wanted to learn how to play the drums. Although his family could not afford to buy him a drum kit, they still tried to keep his interest in music by getting him a more affordable acoustic guitar. Dan played guitar for a few months, learning chords and a few songs but decided that the interest wasn’t there for him. He was dead set on being a drummer. At age 12, the young aspiring musician got his chance to play drums. In the school band he had the opportunity the fundamentals of drumming from Dan Meeks, a renowned music instructor in the Cincinnati and Tri-State areas.


Dan’s wishes for a drum kit finally came true on Christmas in 2000. From that point on, he hasn’t stopped playing. He has been in several bands throughout his 14 years of playing, honing his skills as a drummer with each new experience. While playing for Farehaven, Dan opened up for several national acts including: Seven Mary Three, Days of the New, Adema, Taddy Porter, Seven Circle Sunrise, The Toadies, and others. As his exposure increased, so did attention from industry press. Dan has been featured in several local and national publications including: CityBeat, MetroMix, The Aquarian Weekly, WaxWire Magazine, Indieshark.com, TOPICALISE, and Evor.com. He was hired by Blessed Union of Souls singer Elliot Sloan. The gig with Sloan lead him to the Hartford Convention Center in Connecticut for the NACA where he played in front of 4,000 screaming fans.

In the summer of 2012, Dan was given the opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado. He accepted the offer, left everything behind, and had to start new on the music scene in the Mile High State. After a couple months of searching, Dan found what would be the start of his next project, Blue Mesa. Since the launch of his project in September 2012, the band has made great headway by building a strong fan base and writing several original songs. In August 2013, the band consulted with Chase Thompson, sound engineer for KMG Studios about recording an album. Chase is known for recording professional artists such as Hailey Williams, B.O.B., Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Trapt, Faith Hill, and Three6Mafia. Working with Chase convinced Dan he had come to the right place and Blue Mesa released their three song EP in September 2013. Dan and his band are currently gearing up to head back in the studio for the late 2014 release of their full length album, Providance.

Korian Hannah - Independent

Korian T. Hannah is a native of Miami, Florida. Music has been a passion of his since birth. A talented drummer that graced public schools with his skills a percussionist, he has been playing for over fifteen years. Korian was introduced to percussion in church and it is where he obtained his soulful drumming style.


Throughout his musical career, Korian has competed in a variety of drum competitions such as Guitar Center’s Drum Off and V-Drums’ Competition, where he landed in one of the top three spots. In addition to competitions, Korian has performed on NBC’s Today in South Florida with local band, BluDaze. Although his career began in church, he has had the opportunity to gain knowledge from other local musicians to expand his musical diversity.

Through experience and mentoring, Korian has been able to add different styles of music including Latin, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Classic Rock, Ballad, Gospel, and Reggae to his skills. He devotes countless strenuous hours of rehearsal in order to ensure that his artists are satisfied with his sound. Korian’s passion for drumming has resulted in the opportunity to play with Stellar Gospel Award winning artist Dorothy Norwood and ballad artist McCoury Singers. He has traveled the United States with several musical groups and has experience recording studio and live music. In addition to being a drummer, Korian is also a musical producer, sound engineer, singer, and songwriter.

Michael Andrews - Independent


Michael has been playing drums for over 15 years. He started playing at his family church and began to take drums more seriously after college. Michael has played in all genres of music but is known most notably in the Gospel and Pop genres. Throughout his career Michael has had the opportunity to play with many artists including: Brooke Hogan, William Morris, Amanda Webster, Tracy Clark, Lolita Rowe & the Melodic Phunk, and Justin Felton. He has also been a music director for Ty Hickson, a well know rapper and photographer in New York. Michael is currently touring with the Top 40 band Razor.

Timmy G. - Phantom Capitol, Argo Lynn


Timmy was raised in a musical family and started drumming at the age of 5. Growing up, he was very involved in a variety of school bands including jazz ensemble, marching band, and orchestra. Through his constant exposure to new styles of percussion and music genres, his palate become more and more refined. He experience and eclectic style are reflected in his work. Timmy is currently playing in the rock band Phantom Captiol (www.phantomcapitol.com), the country trio Argo Lynn., and various session projects. Appearing on numerous TV appearances, and supporting National Recording Artists, Timmy is well suited to handle any situation presented to him.

Jeremy "Pops" Bradsher - Sock Party

Jeremy "Pops" Bradsher is a High Energy Musician who has took on many roles from Guitarist, image Bassist but most notable is Drumming! Pops has had the pleasure of playing and touring with bands such as "Sock Party" & "HellBeast". Other projects he has or currently is involved in are "A restless Tongue", "SwampDonkey" & "a place of solace". An extensive collection of his work as a Independent Artist is listed at the link below. (Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) Artist Card: http://artistecard.com/pops

Kevin Hogle - Wilder, 500 Miles to Memphis

Kevin Hogle has been a working professional drummer/percussionist for over 15 years and has recorded, toured and played with several Nationally / Internationally known recording artists including Shooter Jennings, Lydia Loveless, Kasey Musgraves, David Rhodes Brown, Kelly Thomas, Kelly Rickey, V-Mob, Foxy Shazam, Moth, and Acumen among others. Kevin currently is a full time member of 500 Miles To Memphis hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, and Fifth On The Floor from Lexington, Kentucky.


Some of my favorite drummers that I have listened to and studied over the years, and who have helped me shape my own musical style, are Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd,  Vinnie Colaiuta, John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Josh Freese, and Dennis Chambers. Disciplined practice of their styles has allowed me to form my own style and approach to drumming, and that has allowed me to perform, tour, and record with artists in several different genres. 

Kevin has teamed up with Tim at Queen City drums as a co-owner/artist relations/endorser. Tim and Kevin’s vision is to provide a sound relationship with each individual artist along with building the best drums in the world. 

Kevin uses Innovative Percussion drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads.  

500 Miles to Memphis - http://500mtm.com

Sean Friling - Independent


Sean Friling is an independent drummer born and raised from Cincinnati, Oh. Sean started playing drums at the age of 5 and has been in several types of bands all his life. Rock, Alternative/Rock, Pop-Punk, Metal and Hip-Hop are his main influences. Sean joined Queen City Drums in 2014. In Sean's own words "I love working and representing Queen City Drums. I have a personal friendship with them as well as a business friendship. The treatment that I receive and the quality & sound of their drums are excellent and will always refer people to buy from them. I am so proud and honored to be part of the Queen City Drums family."

Brian Kitzmiller


Brian Kitzmiller is a Rock Drummer with Jazz influence and has played with Rays Music Exchange, The Trojan Rabbit, The Stapletons, The Emeralds, Sparrow Bellows and Black Owls.

Brian is self taught and has been in the Cincinnati and Regional Music Scene with a few National Tours under his belt since 1995.

Brian plays a Maple QCD Maple 24" Kick, 12" Rack, 16" Floor with wood hoops and Evan's 360 Heads.

Wade Dakota Robertson - Independent


Matt Howell - Independent


Jasson Martin - Independent


Rick Anderson - Surrender The Fall


Joshua Glass - Jameson and the Sordid Seeds