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About Us

Welcome to Queen City Drums

Founded in late 2010 Queen City Drums started out as a true labor of love by Tim Guilfoyle. Having scoured stores and trying multiple companies, Tim could not find THE kit he was looking for, so he decided to build his own. When he brought the first snare to a local band so he could " hear it" for himself, the drummer immediately asked him to build one for him. Tim knew he possibly had something going when other drummers and high profile recording studios in the area contacted him. Repairs and restorations soon followed with some of the same clients asking Tim to have a look at their gear and help put life back into older drums. The staff at QCD not only stands behind what they build, they PLAY what they build. If we don't like the way the grain pattern looks on a shell that is headed to stain, we send it back and ask for something better. We DO NOT use any machines on our builds, each and every drum is hand sanded, drilled, and finished. No automatic sprayers or CNC machines here.

Meet The Queen City Drum Team

Tim Guilfoyle

Owner / Builder

Kevin Hogle

Artist Relations

Bill Bullock

Technology Farmer