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Why you should use Queen City Drums

Drum Refinishing:

Have a drum/kit that you'd like to change the appearance? Do you have a stained/lacquered shell and you suddenly want it in Green Glass Glitter? Not a problem, we have a multitude of wraps to choose from! Custom Ordered wraps are even available. Due to the nature of wood, having a wrapped shell and turning into a stained finish IS possible; however, there is NO GUARANTEE on the outcome. Adhesives, wood grain, and other factors contribute to the finished product, and we will assess each drum on a project by project basis.
Cost: Starting at $90/drum

Re-edging/ Reformation of snare beds :

Bearing edges are one of the SINGLE MOST important parts on a drum. They are what gives the drum its tone. Due to multiple head changes, wear and tear, and everyday playing, the edges can dent and smooth out over time. We can get the edge back to better than new with our double 45 degree angle! This process is done by a router and multi-stage sanding grit smoothing. This will produce a brighter more vibrant sound. Vintage drums are HAND SANDED to the original 30 degree angles.
Cost: $ 55 for snare and toms up to 16" $65 for drums 18" and up. Call for pricing on Acrylic shells, and full kit repairs.

Spa Day:

We pamper your drum(s) and give them the TLC they understandably deserve. From Weekend Warriors to Touring Musicians, your instrument takes a beating (pun intended). Lets get them happy again. A "spa day" for a drum consists of removal of heads and total disassembly of the drum. We will look over and repair any bearing edge/ snare bed abnormality, hand clean and polish the hoops and each lug, re-lubricate tension rod inserts, replace snare wires (if applicable) with Pure Sound wires, and replace both heads with EVANS brand heads.
Cost: Starting at $75/drum

Custom Drum/Kit:

Lets face it, EVERY drummer dreams of a custom drum or a full kit. At Queen City Drums, we believe that every drummer with every budget should be able to have an instrument built especially for him or her. Whether you want a single drum or full kit, a reproduction of your childhood kit, or a kit that looks like it should smack yo mama in the mouth on stage, let us build it for you! Why go to a large chain store and purchase an assembly line drum, when you can get a personalized hand built drum for practically the same cost? In fact, many times the hardware on our product is superior to most " big name" manufacturers.
Call for pricing.

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